High Polish Platinum Plating Personalized Arabic Name Necklace For Gift

High Polish Platinum Plating Personalized Arabic Name Necklace For Gift
High Polish Platinum Plating Personalized Arabic Name Necklace For Gift

High Polish Platinum Plating Personalized Arabic Name Necklace For Gift

Model: Name-Necklace-z1990

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Engrave my name or words: Sure

Color: Silver Color (Stainless Steel)

Chain Size: 14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32 Inches

Extender Chain: 2 Inches (5cm)

Pendant Length: 0.75 – 2 Inches (2 – 5 cm)

Pendant Thickness: 1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch

Material: Copper

Plating: Platinum Plating

The Font: As the picture shows

Production time: 5 - 7 Business Days

Freight: Free Shipping

Payment: Paypal Or Credit Card

Packaging: Velvet Bag Or Jewelry Box

Weight Ranges: 0.05 - 0.08 kg

Price: 100% Factory Price



Customer Reviews

  • Came exactly as ordered. Love it.
  • Dominican Louie - customerWednesday 22 November, 2017

  • Really good quality. Bought for a gift. I would recommend!
  • Hawaii.Meshele - customerTuesday 21 November, 2017

  • The quality of this necklace is amazing. Worth every penny. Would be purchasing again.
  • Perla Jane - customerMonday 20 November, 2017

  • Bought this for both granddaughters, and they were nice stocking stuffs. Both girls love them.
  • Cassandra Myhre - customerSaturday 18 November, 2017

  • Shipped fairly quickly. Nice quality for the price.
  • Alise - customerFriday 17 November, 2017

  • It looks so pretty on my girlfriend wish i would have got the longer one but looks soo beautiful!!would recommend it to anyone.
  • Bryanna Adams - customerThursday 16 November, 2017

  • This necklace is super cute and exactly hat I wanted. I purchased a few months ago and it is still blinging like new.
  • Kindle Lover - customerTuesday 14 November, 2017

  • My daughter loved her necklace. Made well she lost it and was devastated so I bought it again. Good quality.
  • Nehain Khan - customerMonday 13 November, 2017

  • Amazing product, a little thicker than I thought but beautiful and came on time!
  • Rashardra Riley - customerSunday 12 November, 2017

  • Me and my daughter loves our necklaces it\'s really nice for the price.
  • Jalissa Martinez - customerFriday 10 November, 2017

  • Its very small but its so beautiful. Comes in a real nice gift box.
  • Gisselle Alvarez - customerWednesday 08 November, 2017

  • I had my daughters name put on it and wear it every day I\'m in deep love with it
  • Kensy Menbreno - customerSunday 05 November, 2017

  • This is a beautiful necklace. I got it today and i love it so much. I will be ordering from this store again.
  • Shayan Campbell - customerWednesday 01 November, 2017

  • The necklace is made very well and so pretty! The chain is not very thick but seems sturdy.
  • Michelle Hernandez - customerTuesday 31 October, 2017

  • First, they spelled my name right which is rare since it is very unique. Second, it came much quicker than was expected. Third, it fits perfect! Great Job on a nice product!
  • Kiana Olden - customerMonday 30 October, 2017

  • Super cute, high quality necklace for the girl who has everything except a necklace with her full name spelled correctly. LOVE IT!
  • Jonisha Scott - customerSaturday 28 October, 2017

  • The necklace exceeded my expectations. A wonderful birthday present.
  • Clay Hall - customerFriday 27 October, 2017

  • Turned out perfect! Would recommend!!
  • Antonia Pace - customerWednesday 25 October, 2017

  • It is perfect, my daughter will be so thrilled. Good quality and size. Beautiful. I highly recommend
  • Kya Winters - customerTuesday 24 October, 2017

  • Amazing quality product. It was exactly like it was in the picture.All in all a cute, good quality product that will last me a long time for a fraction of the normal price.
  • Emily Villanueva - customerSunday 22 October, 2017

  • It looks just like the picture. It really looks very attractive on.
  • Sally Parker - customerFriday 20 October, 2017

  • I received my necklace promptly and was super pleased with the quality. It has exceeded my expectations and I\'ve gotten several compliments on it.
  • Juliana Castillo - customerTuesday 17 October, 2017

  • It looks just like the picture. It really looks very attractive on.
  • Abigail Mesaros - customerSunday 15 October, 2017

  • I love it. It\'s not to big and not to small and it\'s sturdy and we\'ll made. I highly would recommend this necklace.
  • Adriana Chavez - customerSaturday 14 October, 2017

  • The necklace was very nice but it didn\'t arrive within the estimated delivery dates so the gift was received late.
  • DZ Omaha - customerWednesday 11 October, 2017

  • For what you pay for this necklace you will not believe the quality. I wear mine everyday and it has become my go to jewelry piece.
  • Kaniya Teal - customerMonday 09 October, 2017

  • I absolutely adore this necklace. I have been wearing it every day since it arrived and continue to receive compliments.
  • Sara lashly - customerSaturday 07 October, 2017

  • Just what my daughter wanted! She loved it!
  • Tanya F Martinez - customerTuesday 03 October, 2017

  • Thank you it\'s perfect! So so beautiful. My wife loves it.
  • Anthony Del Rosario - customerFriday 29 September, 2017

  • I am very pleased with the way it turned out! Love it...!!
  • Verriana Holt - customerThursday 28 September, 2017

  • It\'s absolutely gorgeous. Shipping wasn\'t long at all for me. I\'m thinking about buying the gold one too now. Gotta have both.
  • Cynthia Earle - customerWednesday 27 September, 2017

  • Very beautiful! Came a little late but the correct spelling on the pendent makes up for it. I\'m sure she\'ll love it thank you for all the help.
  • Hailey McLain - customerMonday 25 September, 2017

  • I\'m in love with this necklace! I\'ve received so many compliments. It\'s just so unique. One thing I\'d change would be the length of the chain, it\'s longer than i thought it\'d be. But besides that, it\'s perfect!
  • Kaitlyn Jones - customerFriday 22 September, 2017

  • The necklace is high quality and I loved that I could choose the length I wanted the chain to be. It does take a while to get delivered,but it was worth the wait!
  • Ellis Pace - customerWednesday 20 September, 2017

  • I bought it for my daughter and warned her to take it off before showering. She followed my advise and, although she wears it daily, the necklace is still intact. She really likes it!
  • Paulina Herrand - customerSunday 17 September, 2017

  • Very beautiful and detailed for the price paid. The necklace came in very fast and was packaged in a really nice box.
  • Yesenia Velez - customerSaturday 16 September, 2017

  • Great product! Love the necklace, but shipping was a bit slow!
  • Matt Baca - customerFriday 15 September, 2017

  • I ordered 3 of these for myself hubby and our daughter we love our necklaces thanks great products and great business.
  • Bereniz Zesati - customerThursday 14 September, 2017

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