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As much as I don’t want to admit it that the people on this world is not always good person.I mean look at the news ,there are so many crimes happens every day.We should learn to protect ourselves especially when you are woman.Man usually have some strength to prevent bad things happens to them.But woman is vulnerable groups in this social.Their physical body is not as strong as man.But we should have faith in the government that they can protect us and we should take some measures to keep ourselves safe.You should sign up for some self defense lessons.Always carry a small weapon on your.Better safe than sorry.

This is a pocket knife necklace and it looks like a key necklace outside.So people don’t have to be afraid of you for bringing weapons.But this way can make you feel safer .Well the best way to protect ourselves is to find a good man put the duty on him.But that is not east to accomplish ,so until then we need to take care of ourselves.The pocket knife necklace is just a insurance.Have a good life.

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