Cute Cat Pawn Ring

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May 26, 2017 // By:prenzhi // No Comment

When I find the cute cat pendant necklace ,I came across the cute cat pawn ring too.The pawn of the animals are very unique.Some experienced hunters can tell what animal it is by seeing the paw print they left.And the cat’s footprint is like one kind of flower’s pattern which is plum flower.When the cat walk on the beach and left a trial of footprint behind ,you can watch it to see if I am right.But now some people use the cat pawn to make cute jewelry because the pawn print is kind of cute and beautiful.

Well it even add the cat’s ear on it.It is more cute than just cat’s pawn.If you wear this ring and put the cute cat pendant necklace on .Well then you must become a cute lady right away.Give it a chance and you will love it.


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