Summer Is Coming Get Sun Cream Ready

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Recently temperature is going up.You can see people start wearing short and T-shirt.Of course for Los angles people there is no difference whether it is summer or winter.Because there is only summer in Los angles.Unlike Los angles ,New York is a four season city.In spring people like wear spring clothes and summer wear summer clothes.People like wearing different clothes in this city.Not because they have to ,but they want to.New York is a big apple that built with steel as the bone and dreams as the heart.Fashion is a part of this city’s unique charming .

As summer is coming the city is getting more beautiful and noisy.People start going to central park for picnic.And rich people would go to their Hampton private beach .Spend a beautiful and comfortable summer time.Don’t forget to put some sun cream on if you don’t want become too black or get skin cancer.We should make sun cream as necessary ┬áitem in our life.Because the sun is becoming a highly skin cancer cause reason.If you like your life you will use cream more often.People like wearing short clothes to show their beautiful and healthy body.They make the summer more hotter than it already is.The air is full of with hormone.I won’t be surprise if the birth rate is raising in ten months.I am kidding.

Anyway enjoy summer,enjoy the charm of the big apple.

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