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There are so many metal on the world.And we always use gold to made jewelry.But as we all know that gold is very soft so people try to use some other with gold make more hard material.And because the color of new mixed metal is white  so we call it white gold.It is a new material which can not easily be scratched and destroyed. But the price is gonna be a little different depend on what metal it is mixed with.So don’t be surprise when you heard the same called white gold necklace but the price is different.

Today we are gonna talk about one kind white gold jewelry that is white gold necklace.You can just wear a white gold chain necklace which can be beautiful too.First because of the color unlike pure gold’s yellow the white gold shine a silver color which is mysterious,powerful and elegant.Put one white gold necklace around your neck can make your neck more thin and long .Also make the skin looks like perfect.If you are a gem person you can buy some white necklace that have gems attach on them.The colorful gems and white gold get together can make some interesting chemical happens.Make people more attractive and charming.It can also be design in many style,like rose ,rabbit,heart etc.You can choose it to be whatever you want it to be.But there are some things we need to be careful with.One thing is that you need to know what are those mixed metal is in case you pay too much than its real worth .And you need to learn how to clean it and protect.Even it is stronger than gold doesn’t make it untouchable.There are still some things can hurt it.Every jeweler needs to tell the buyer all the precaution.After we know that we can save our jewelry from being harmed.

Despite gold and white gold there is one more gold called rose gold.White gold and rose gold are all  gold alloy,create to protect the gold from being destroyed.We should buy more white gold or rose gold jewelry in case gold being wasted.

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