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What first come out of your mind when you think about crystal?As a healing material or spell material.Hell I thought it is just some kind of beautiful and shinning stone at first.But after saw some mystery drama series and the whole creepy films.I realize that crystal has been seen as the carrier of magic.I have to say I am a little obsessed with this kind mystery culture.It is like a grown up fantasy So I did a little google research as it turns out that crystal healing is just pseudoscientific. They are often used in pseudoscientific practices such as crystal therapy, and, along with gemstones, are sometimes associated with spell work in Wiccan beliefs and related religious movements.

Regardless that crystal is just a stone which is a little mystery and beautiful.I guess that is one of the many reason that people like crystal.And it is common that crystal often being used on decoration and jewelry.You can see them be used on chandelier.You can also see them on hairpin,bracelet and necklace.If you still think crystal can heal you. That’s fine.Just go to hospital check out how it work after you use the crystal.Better safe than sorry,right. I won’t tell you I try to use crystal heal the cold I got then I got a fever in the end.I guess I did it the wrong way.But I still have collect a lot crystal accessory.Who can resist the charm of crystal anyway.Even the name are being used on people.So that they can be as clear as crystal.

Anyway I got a cold again now.I will try it again,if it doesn’t work again I will go to the hospital.Wish me luck.

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  1. BEAUTY OF THE WORDS , I think you like it !

  2. Clover necklace
    Written very well.


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