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The symbol of infinite is very balance and symmetry.It means limitless and will never end. When it apply to love seems very appropriate.I mean nobody doesn’t want their love last forever.So when jewel designer use it on necklace and bracelet it become a huge hit.Only wear a simple symbol can be confusing sometimes .who knows if you are a maths lovers or lover necklace.

Then some people figure out that they can attach their name on its both side. It becomes a real couple necklace.When you wear it can look beautiful and show the world how much you love each other.I mean all those couple necklace they are either only have names or just have simple heart shape.That is kind of old fashion not saying it’s not cool, just not as cool as infinite couple necklace.We need some thing new in our life not just the ole classic thing. Maybe one day infinite necklace can be classic too and something new comes up.But it is not now,now the infinite necklace is trending .   If you like you can also add some gemstone on it.Like birthstone of the month he or she was born.

Let;s make our life more wonderful!

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  1. Dear friend , I think your post and picture is perfect ,I like it and I recommend this to you You need a amber couple necklace , I think you may love it


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