Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls

Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls
Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls
Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls
Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls

Fashion Sparkling Crystal Charm Bracelet For Girls

Model: charmbracelet0303
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Engrave Name: No

Color: As Shown

Size: Size Can Be Adjusted

Extender Chain: 5 cm

Inner Circumference: 18 cm/7 inches

Material: Crystal

Style: Fashion

Production time: 1 - 2 Business Days

Freight: Free Shipping

Payment: Paypal Or Credit Card

Packaging: Velvet Bag Or Jewelry Box

Weight Ranges: 0.05 - 0.07 kg

Price: 100% Factory Price



Customer Reviews

  • This is a nice bracelet. It is kinda heavy for this type of bracelet but hangs nicely and doesn’t move around to much. I dont need the extra length but it does make a cute little addition.
  • Patrick Dauda - customerMarch 2019

  • I bought this cute bracelet for my little niece and from the first glance, it looks very pretty sparkly and well made. The "extender" chain that's attached to the end of the bracelet to me looks too thin where I'm not too sure if it's strong enough if I were to put the lobster clasp onto it. I don't want to take the chance.
  • De'yanna Dixon - customerMarch 2019

  • I bought this bracelet for my mother in law for Christmas. I thought this would be a safe if not slightly plain, colorful glassy piece that she could wear on vacation in the Caribbean. When this arrived my jaw literally dropped as I unpacked this bracelet. The crystals and the most brilliant, beautiful, reflective cuts I have ever seen. The gleam coming from this bracelet is other-worldly. It is mesmerizing to watch the incredible colors play out of this piece. I literally could not believe something so wonderful could come at such a humble price and be shipped to my door in two in such elegant packaging. The picture will never do this piece justice. You have to experience this bracelet first hand to fall in love. Also, added bonus, the clasp is extremely generous and adjustable. I am 100% in live with this purchase and I look forward to owning this myself!
  • De'yanna Dixon Tanei - customerMarch 2019

  • This item is beautiful! Just as pictured...actually prettier in person. At first glance you might think this is a young girls bracelet, but can be adjusted with the chain links to accommodate any wrist size. The sparkle from this bracelet is amazing. Packaged very well with a lovely gift box. Great purchase!
  • Arnecia Viney - customerMarch 2019

  • I love this bracelet! Shiny and feminine. The crystal squares add interest and I like the dangle end that draws attention to the piece. The bracelet fit my wrist easily using three chain links of the extension to get a nice, loose fit. Get this sparkly lovely now. You won't regret it.
  • Liliana Marin - customerMarch 2019

  • This is very delicate and beautiful. I was concerned about the size, but I measured it and it should be alright. I would recommend it to anyone who wished to purchase something different.
  • Haley Testdorf - customerMarch 2019

  • This is a beautiful little bracelet! I got it for my daughter and she is absolutely in love with it. When the sun hits it, it's like the bracelet is made out of light prisms. It's so sparkly and dainty. It's very sturdy and adds just the right touch to any outfit. Would make a great gift for any occasion!
  • Tammy Melohis - customerMarch 2019

  • the mailman left my package where my pyrenees got it and chewed it up. luckily the bracelet was spared. it is absolutely beautiful! i'm so glad i ordered it for my mother for mother's day. i'm sure she will love it. i can't take my eyes off of it. thank you
  • Laila La Frombois - customerMarch 2019

  • This is the most beautiful Swarovski bracelet I've ever seen. Seriously. It is so sparkly, and classy looking, I get comments wherever I go.
  • Dora Martinez - customerMarch 2019

  • WOW! Super bright sparkles. Gave it to my wife for Christmas and she has worn it often ever since. Easily adjustable for a wide range of wrist sizes.
  • Devean Holmes - customerMarch 2019

  • It was stunning. Only concern is the integrity of the chain and clasp. It looks a little delicate. It's a gift, so I won't know for sure.
  • Ashton Risser - customerMarch 2019

  • Beautiful bracelet, catches the light and reflects in colors is the type of bracelet that you put it on and you do not want to remove ever, I use it for work, restaurants, special occasions, looks wonderful for day or night.
  • Sheanta Martin - customerMarch 2019

  • So pretty! Im ordering another for my daughter, but now I have to wait to wear it because Santa will be giving them to us.
  • Ty McFadden - customerMarch 2019

  • This is a gorgeous bracelet!!!!!!! When I wear it in direct sunlight it sparkles like crazy with so many colors. It's like a light show. In dim light the colors reflected are softer but still beautiful!!!!! The info. from the company said you could wear it with a wrist watch but it is much too pretty to stack with anything and is perfect worn alone. This is not a tiny bracelet; the square crystals measure 1/4 inch and the bracelet is not overly large. In my opinion it is just the right size. It also arrives in a pretty gift box not the average ugly black box. I always feel quite special and happy when I wear this shiny colorful crystal bracelet on my wrist.
  • Lilly Powers - customerMarch 2019

  • My husband got me this bracelet for my birthday. It's absolutely gorgeous!! It sparkles and shines and is very well made. We got it on a lightening deal for half price! It's made with real Svaorvski crystals and the different shapes of the crystals add to it's beauty. It's also adjustable. Makes a great gift or present for your self. I need matching earrings!
  • Lexi Franzwa - customerMarch 2019

  • Beautiful and very much appreciated by the recipient of the gift. I would recommend that more crystals be added for a larger wrist or that it come in 2 sizes. The present size is for a small wrist or a child's.
  • Lori Sanders - customerMarch 2019

  • This stunning Swarovski crystal bracelet is perfect for any occasion. From the sterling silver alligator clasp and lengthener complete with a crystal attached to its end, the look of elegance is evident. The box, authentication of the crystals, and warranty is impressive. I have visited places in Europe that sold Swarovski products, but this one is extraordinary. For its value, it will make you feel special whenever you wear it.
  • Brookelynn Bennett - customerMarch 2019

  • This is the most beautiful bracelet I've ever seen it shines and picks up other colors also I have large wrists and the bracelet fits with room to spare
  • Justin Woods - customerMarch 2019

  • I love this bracelet! It's so comfortable and just beautiful! I have been wearing it since I received it. I just forgot to post a review until now. Sorry! It's such a well made bracelet. I will definitely buy from this company again.
  • Shadai Sands - customerMarch 2019

  • The picture doesn't even begin to show how lovely this bracelet is. The colors are great and each facet glows and sparkles like crazy in even the dimmest light. Wonderful!
  • Ladarius Clark - customerMarch 2019

  • I bought this bracelet and matching earrings with the necklace, as Christmas gifts for my daughter who is 28 yrs. old and she loves this. Of course it was an early Christmas gifts. Was so excited and so was she. The pictures really caught my eye and so did the video!! My daughter just loves this set. It has been so far an every day wear!!
  • Shobha Subedi - customerMarch 2019

  • LOVE! So beautiful! Fantastic lightening deal! I loved this so much I purchased an additional one as a gift and then another for myself! I wear two at the same time, all the the time!! Beautiful, sturdy and well worth the price. Totally breathtaking in the light, especially dim light!
  • Paola Gonzalez - customerMarch 2019

  • Beautiful bracelet! Amazing colors, bright shine, exquisite! It's absolutely gorgeous. You will be 100% satisfied with this bracelet!
  • Alesa Gonzales - customerMarch 2019

  • Wow, this bracelet is absolutely gorgeous in person! The photo does not do it justice! It is so sparkly! It also has a really long chain so it can fit small to large wrists.
  • Faith Fuller - customerMarch 2019

  • Got this beautiful bracelet for my wonderful wife and we couldn't be happier. The crystals are vibrant and luxuriant in color and the construction and materials appear to be of the highest quality. A terrific gift for someone special or to gift to yourself; you're someone special.
  • La'marcus Thomas - customerMarch 2019

  • This was a birthday gift for a dear friend. She loves it! I appears to be well made; the Swarovski crystals are gorgeous and catch the light beautifully; the metal is sterling silver; and the bracelet is also lightweight.
  • Amanda Ervin - customerMarch 2019

  • Very nice colors in the crystals! Also comes with a lifetime warranty if there are any issues with the bracelet.
  • Delmy Guardado - customerMarch 2019

  • I had this bracelet sent to my daughter-in-law for her birthday. She loved it! She said, "Mom, how did you know that I like bracelets?" I said, "Oh, I didn't know, but I guess the Lord led me!" My son told me that his wife had been asking him to buy her a bracelet. This bracelet hit the spot, so sparkly and colorful!
  • carina alvarez - customerMarch 2019

  • I Love love love this bracelet. It is absolutely stunning. I was afraid it would be too big as I have tiny wrist but it allows enough adjustment for that. The squares are the exact same size as the necklace Square. In case you want to order the necklace. An excellent buy!
  • Kirsten Edwards - customerMarch 2019

  • Beeeeeutiful! This will not disappoint. I received from a friend and she liked it so much I got her one. Mrs O
  • Che'Vonne Sherman - customerMarch 2019

  • Wow, was this ever a hit with my girlfriend. She loves it, LOVES IT!! The crystals grab light and performs a light show everytime she wears it.
  • Zoya Naseem - customerMarch 2019

  • Purchased as a gift for my daughter in law. I think she will love it.
  • Jacqueline Gutierrez - customerMarch 2019

  • Please note, the colors in the picture of the bracelet on line are brought out by the clothing you wear close to the bracelet. Make sure you wear something with bright colors to bring out the best of the crystals.
  • Amaya Barnes - customerMarch 2019

  • I absolutely love this bracelet. It accompanies the cube necklace I bought as well. Lovely gift.
  • Tytayana Harris - customerMarch 2019

  • I bought this as a set with the earrings bc I really wanted them to match. I was concerned bc the bracelet looks multi colour but that's only bc these sparkle so amazingly! I love these jewels! I couldnt be more thrilled with this bracelet. So many people have complimented me on the set!
  • Camron Hailey - customerMarch 2019

  • So in love with this bracelet. When the light shines on it it shines. People always stop me and tell it's so beautiful
  • ke’asia adkins - customerMarch 2019

  • This was a surprise to me, it's inexpensive, but, now it's the favorite in her jewelry box. Who knew??
  • Jakira Hickerson - customerFebruary 2019

  • Given to wife as a Valentine's present, and she loved it! Very sparkly (shoutout to "Rainman"). Decent quality clasp.
  • lauren king - customerFebruary 2019

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