Personalized Gold Plating Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings For Women

Personalized Gold Plating Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings For Women
Personalized Gold Plating Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings For Women
Personalized Gold Plating Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings For Women

Personalized Gold Plating Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings For Women

Model: fashion earring-20160035

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Engrave name: No

Color: Silver Color/Gold Color

Chain Size: One Size

Extender Chain: No

Do myself pendant design: Accept

Pendant Thickness: 1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch

Material: Stainless Steel/Copper

Plating: Rhodium Plating/Gold Plating

The Font: No

Production time: 5 - 7 Business Days

Freight: Free Shipping

Payment: Paypal Or Credit Card

Packaging: Velvet Bag Or Jewelry Box

Weight Ranges: 0.04 - 0.06 kg

Price: 100% Factory Price

Category: Personalized Earrings



Customer Reviews

  • Bought these as a present for my sister. She loves them. Should have bought me some too.
  • Jala - customerSunday 02 October, 2016

  • received quickly. earrings exactly as described.
  • Imogen - customerSunday 25 September, 2016

  • I love them. They are the perfect size and very comfortable.
  • Dinah - customerTuesday 13 September, 2016

  • I bought these for my sister for a birthday present , and she was thrilled with them! She had them on right away and still wears them VERY often. They look so darn cute on her~ very CHIC! Perfect length, and perfect size. I regret giving them up and now want to purchase a pair for myself!!
  • Lydia - customerSaturday 27 August, 2016

  • Love these earrings. I have extremely sensitive ears and absolutely no soreness at all. They are very lightweight, which is what I am always looking for. I\'ve received many complements while wearing them. Perfect size and weight. Beautiful.
  • Sami - customerMonday 25 July, 2016

  • These are much better than I thought they would be. They are a very good length. They could be dressed up or down. The weight is very light, and will be very comfortable to wear. They are quite elegant.
  • Judy - customerSaturday 02 July, 2016

  • Got these yesterday. I love the way the two ovals on these earrings move independently. They look different from every angle, which is quite an artistic effect. And the size is perfect! Love them, and plan to wear them for the first time tomorrow :)
  • Greta - customerWednesday 15 June, 2016

  • 이 일을 위해 산 선물, 그들은 온 상자 혹은 가방 (기억 안), 그녀는 매우 좋아한다.내가 하고 싶은 것도 한 쌍의!
  • - customerMonday 06 June, 2016

  • If you are looking for a fun pair of earrings that are light and can be used casually during the day or for dress up at nights,then these are the earrings for you.
  • Lulu - customerWednesday 13 April, 2016

  • Love these earrings -- the length, the sparkle, the movement, the light weight, even the soft jingle when I walk to remind me that they\'re there. Very happy and do recommend.
  • Elsa - customerTuesday 22 March, 2016

  • Love these!!!
  • Claribel - customerFriday 19 February, 2016

  • Purchased these as a gift for a friend. I was al little concerned that they would be too big . She agreed that she thought they might be too big and showy for her. After she put them on for the first time she loved them and wears them often. Don\'t be concerned that they are too showy . They are lovely and catch light.
  • Bette - customerFriday 08 January, 2016

  • I was surprised how much I like these! Its a great value and a nice length! I have metal allergies. I wore these once so far and I had no reaction. I hope that continues....
  • Eva - customerMonday 07 December, 2015

  • I hate wearing any jewelry except my wedding ring. I always feel like the are weighing me down. Not these! They are so lightweight I don\'t even feel them. I get a lot of compliments on them too. Love them!
  • Serena - customerSunday 08 November, 2015

  • Love them--got compliments!
  • Kara - customerThursday 15 October, 2015

  • These are now one of my favorite pairs of earrings. They are lightweight and the perfect length. I have a little longer than shoulder length hair and I like my earrings to be seen but I don\'t like big chunky styles. These are perfect and I can wear them out or to work.
  • Maxine - customerThursday 24 September, 2015

  • In my youth I wore really havey earrings and stretched the holes. I still like long earrings, but not heavy earrings. These are perfect. Pretty design, long and noticeable but light to be worn all day. I highly recommend.
  • Estelle - customerSaturday 18 July, 2015

  • Love them! They are lightweight and great quality.
  • Alyssa - customerSunday 05 July, 2015

  • These dangle earrings are beautiful and bright,and despite their simplicity, the earrings look dressy. They are appropriate for day-to-evening wear, and don\'t snag. They hang nicely, and the double twisted hoops don\'t get caught on each other, retaining their beauty and free motion.
  • Patricia - customerSaturday 23 May, 2015

  • Love everything about these. They are perfect for dressing up our down, aren\'t too big or too small and are very light weight. They have become a favorite go to pair.
  • Jill - customerThursday 09 April, 2015

  • There\'s nothing else to say except these are beautiful. Okay, and they\'re the perfect size - not too big, not too small. Lovely, well crafted, etc. Buy them!
  • Joan - customerThursday 05 March, 2015

  • Beautiful earrings especially considering the price.
  • Evelyn - customerMonday 16 February, 2015

  • Beautiful and extremely lightweight! Longer than I thought, but very classy!
  • Brenda - customerWednesday 26 November, 2014

  • This earrings were just as expected. They are really nicely made and look great on me. I love them so much. They go with almost everything and make a really nice soft tinkling sound in wind.
  • Scarlett - customerTuesday 14 October, 2014

  • Nice; sexy; perfectly sized; and very lightweight,
  • Chloe - customerFriday 22 August, 2014

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