High Polished Delicate Gold Color/Rose Gold Color Name Bar Necklace Customize Your Name

High Polished Delicate Gold Color/Rose Gold Color Name Bar Necklace Customize Your Name
High Polished Delicate Gold Color/Rose Gold Color Name Bar Necklace Customize Your Name

High Polished Delicate Gold Color/Rose Gold Color Name Bar Necklace Customize Your Name

Model: Bar-Necklace-k2002

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Bar Necklace: Engrave Yourself Name

Color: Gold Color / Rose Gold Color

Chain Size: 14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32 Inches

Extender Chain: 2 Inches (5cm)

Pendant Size: 40mm * 8mm  / 1.58" * 0.32"  Length*Width  (approx.)

Pendant Thickness: 1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch

Material: Copper

Plating: Gold Plated/Rose Gold Plated

The Font: As the picture shows

Production time: 5 - 7 Business Days

Freight: Free Shipping

Payment: Paypal Or Credit Card

Packaging: Velvet Bag Or Gift Box

Weight Ranges: 0.05 - 0.08 kg

Price: 100% Factory Price

Category: Bar Necklace


Customer Reviews

  • So lite weight. An everyday necklace for me
  • Bobbi - customerWednesday 29 August, 2018

  • I’m glad I bought it it’s elegant n
  • GAIL - customerWednesday 29 August, 2018

  • Very beautiful,detailed and so lovely
  • Alessandra - customerWednesday 29 August, 2018

  • I am very satisfied with the product you sent me! the shipment was fast and in line with the agreements made. The packaging was really lovely. the jewel is incredibly long, light and you can adjust the length in various ways. I could not ask for more, I love your products!
  • Silvia - customerMonday 20 August, 2018

  • I love the necklaces I bought for my 2 daughters. It looks amazing on them, and they love them also!!! Very great quality might I add. I will be ordering again, Thank You!!!
  • Carmen b - customerWednesday 15 August, 2018

  • I really like the necklace. I’m praying it stays this way lol. It’s worth it though
  • Traniya - customerWednesday 15 August, 2018

  • VERY please with the quality of the necklace and chain.
  • Charlene - customerTuesday 07 August, 2018

  • My necklace came in a timely manner and it was even nicer than I had expected. I bought it for my daughter and she absolutely loves it!!
  • Veronica - customerMonday 06 August, 2018

  • I love it . I have purchased 8 necklaces . I just purchased one for my niece and the name place is gorgeous but the chain is so small and tight on her neck.
  • Jamesena - customerSunday 05 August, 2018

  • Love you all! My niece will love how special this makes her feel! Thank you!
  • Norma - customerSaturday 04 August, 2018

  • I loved the size of it for what it cost. I feel that I got my money\'s worth and the end product is just beautiful.
  • Denise - customerFriday 03 August, 2018

  • I am always skeptical when ordering from a picture, but I was very impressed....necklace is very nice and exceeded expectations
  • Phyllis - customerWednesday 01 August, 2018

  • Fast delivery on all orders!
  • Kristie - customerMonday 30 July, 2018

  • It\'s too tight but it\'s still great
  • Maribel - customerSaturday 14 July, 2018

  • It literally goes with anything and makes me feel very unique!
  • Micah - customerThursday 12 July, 2018

  • Made of amazing material that doesn\'t bother sensitive sink , exactly what I was expecting! Love it !!
  • Megan - customerWednesday 11 July, 2018

  • Amazing! Absolutely love it!
  • Corrynn - customerSaturday 07 July, 2018

  • It\'s a really solid necklace, I don\'t have any complains. It looks beautiful.
  • Toluwani - customerWednesday 04 July, 2018

  • Over i am please and happy with my purchase it was what i wanted and was looking for
  • Carmen - customerMonday 02 July, 2018

  • This necklace turned out to be more than I expected. Very durable and stylish for any occasion. I would recommend this website to anyone!
  • Arlisa - customerSaturday 30 June, 2018

  • Beautiful statement piece! Especially for a name!
  • Lenis - customerThursday 28 June, 2018

  • This product looks better in person. Does not feel cheap and arrived in a timely manner. I would buy from them again.
  • Gilbert - customerMonday 25 June, 2018

  • Although the shipping took ages, this necklace is great quality and looks wonderful. I requested it on a 14\" chain so it\'s more of a choker and I\'m thrilled I did!
  • M - customerTuesday 19 June, 2018

  • I am so glad I purchased this necklace. It looks cute.
  • David Le - customerTuesday 19 June, 2018

  • Mom loves it!!
  • Venessa May - customerFriday 15 June, 2018

  • Very nice. The wife loved it. It was beautiful
  • Travis Freeman - customerWednesday 13 June, 2018

  • It’s so pretty! I bought one for my friend’s newborn daughter and he loved it. Can’t wait for her to wear it when she’s of age!
  • Z\'hané - customerSunday 10 June, 2018

  • This neckless is absolutely beautiful! I\'m gonna get all the girls in my family one. Looks like a very expensive piece but very affordable. 6 Stars!
  • chrystal - customerSaturday 09 June, 2018

  • I am obsessed with nameplate necklaces, and my name in particular, so this was a nice addition to my collection at a great price
  • amymcg - customerFriday 08 June, 2018

  • Beautiful necklace. My daughter is allergic to most jewelry, but has had no reaction to this one despite wearing it constantly for the last week.
  • Jo Jo - customerTuesday 05 June, 2018

  • Arrived on time. Arrived in a red box, I wish the red box was of more quality but... It was okay. Necklace was perfect. Got it for my friends birthday.
  • Caden Lane - customerTuesday 05 June, 2018

  • Okay, but like it\'s so cute. I didn\'t have high expectations for this necklace, but I was so surprised. As long as you don\'t expect something hella expensive feeling then you will love this necklace too. (Don\'t get me wrong though it doesn\'t feel super cheap.) It feels like jewelry you would buy at forever 21.
  • JIMIN is HERE - customerThursday 31 May, 2018

  • I love the necklace! I only had a slight problem that it broke at the clasp link the first time I wore it but I took it to a jeweler who said it looked like it might have been a bad link that wasn\'t tightened and he tightened it for me at no cost and it has been perfect ever since! Fast service and even an email asking how I liked it afterwards!
  • Thomas - customerThursday 24 May, 2018

  • It\'s a very cute necklace, I got it for my birthday.Highly Recommend this seller.
  • Tiffany Edwards - customerTuesday 22 May, 2018

  • Excellent condition! Fell in love !
  • Aaliyah Johnson - customerSunday 20 May, 2018

  • It is very beautiful!! Thanks!
  • Leah Krajewski - customerSaturday 19 May, 2018

  • I got this for a friend and she loves it.
  • Siyah Manley - customerTuesday 15 May, 2018

  • Super cute. Nice quality.
  • Dawn M. - customerMonday 14 May, 2018

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